Biography Form

Who’s Who in Council 10937

This survey is intended to introduce you to the other members of our council. We want to get to know you and we want you to know us. Of particular importance is the skills survey. We want you to be as involved in our activities and events as you want to be. You will never be pressured to be involved, but you will be asked to be involved.

Your skills are important to us and we want to have you contribute according to your best ability. It is by effectively using the skills of our members that we can do our best work to support our principles of Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism. After all, isn’t this why you consented to join our ranks in the Knights of Columbus?

Please answer all items where you want to share information and that gives you comfort. It is not mandatory to answer each one. However, we encourage you to be as complete as possible.

Council 10937 Grand Knight
Gary Mayfield

Name (First, Middle, Last): Nicknames:

Current address:

Current phone numbers:

Current email address:

Where born:

Where did you grow up?

What were you’re favorite activities while growing up?

What school(s) did you attend?

What certificates, degrees and honors did you receive?

What sports did you play? Which ones? For who? What position?

What do or did you do for a living (your former and current career)?

What companies do or did you work for?

Who did you marry? When? What is her name?

Has or does your wife have a career? What? For who?

How many children do you have? What are their names?

What do your children do?

Do you have any grandchildren or great grandchildren and Number?

Where did you previously live (town and state)?

Why did you move?

Are you retired? When? Why?

When did you become a Knight?

Why did you become a Knight?

What is your current degree?

What KofC degree do you eventually want to attain?

What are your talents and skills? (Check all that apply)

Artistic Skills

o Acting and stage performing o Creating Posters
o Displaying art o Entertaining Others o Memorization
o Plays a musical instrument o Sings o Other (specify)

Business Skills

o Advertising o Business communication
o Business management o Creative thinking skills o Decision making skills
o Goal setting o Leading Teams o Maintaining schedules or times
o Planning and running meetings o Planning organizational needs o Promoting events
o Raising funds o Other (specify) o

Communications Skills

o Communicating with young or old people   o Creative Writing  o Interpersonal communication o Preparing written communications o Public speaking  o Verbal communication o Note and minutes inscribing o Other (specify)

Computer and Technical Skills

o Data Analysis o Document Editing
o Facebook o Information management o Internet
o IT Training o MS Office o Programming
o Problem Analysis o Web Site Creation and Maintenance o Other (specify)

Culinary and Kitchen Skills

o Planning and shopping o Purchasing and delivery
o Food Preparation o Cooking o Grilling
o Event and Room Setup o Serving o Cleanup
o Other (specify) o o

Data Management Skills

o Analyzing data and problems o Calculating data  o Working with statistics o Other (specify) o

Construction Skills

o Assembling equipment    Constructing buildings  o Manual Labor  o Operating equipment  oRepairing equipment  o Other (specify)

Financial Skills

o Budgeting o Auditing financial data
o Performing numerical analysis   o Keeping Financial Accounts and Records o Other (specify)

Project Management Skills

o Analytical skills   o Assembling and motivating volunteers
o Brainstorming   o Developing plans for projects   o Project Implementation
o Other (specify)

Other Skills

o Driving   o Clerical work

What offices or chairmanships have you held (check all that apply)?
Inside Guard __ Years __________                   Outside Guard __ Years __________
Lecturer __ Years __________                           Advocate __ Years __________
Treasurer __ Years __________                         Secretary __ Years __________
Warden __ Years __________                            Chancellor __ Years __________
Deputy Grand Knight __ Years __________     Grand Knight __ Years __________

Membership __ Years __________                    Church __ Years __________
Community __ Years __________                      Council __ Years __________
Family __ Years __________                                Pro-Life __ Years __________
Youth __ Years __________                                 Communications __ Years __________

State Offices Years __________

What Knight activities did you and do you participate in (check all that apply)?

Highway Cleanup __ Tootsie Roll Drive __ Beer and Brats __ Denver Rescue Mission __
Fr. Woody’s __ Family Social __ Pancake Breakfast __ Peach Sale __
Fish Frys __ Spaghetti Dinners __ Take Dad to the Ball Park __ Family Hikes __
Air Force Football __ Christmas Party __ Free Throw Contest __ Soccer Shoot Out __
Scholarships __ Pro-Life Activities __ Other ___________________ Other ___________________

What other honors did you receive form the Knights and when (Knight of the Month, Family of the Month)?
Knight of the Month Council __ CO __ Supreme __ When __________

Family of the Month Council __ CO __ Supreme __ When__________

Knight of the Year Council __ CO __ Supreme __ When__________

Family of the Year Council __ CO __ Supreme __ When__________

What goals do you have as a Knight?

Are you involved in any community activities? Which ones? For who? When?

Are you involved in any political organizations? Which ones? For who? When?

Are you involved in any other service or charity organizations? For who? When?

Did you serve in the military? When? Which branch? Rank? Locations?

Did you receive any military decorations? Which ones? Reason?

What notable or interesting things happened in your life?

What health problems, disabilities, or other life challenges do you want us to pray for?