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Council Officers

Grand Knight

The grand knight is responsible for the overall welfare of the council. Elected annually by the council membership, the grand knight must provide thoughtful and inspired leadership to the council officers, the Service Program directors, chairmen and members of the council.

Joseph A Calvarese

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Jay became a Knight after rejoining the parish in August 2010. A 4rd degree, he directs all of our
Church activities. He serves as sacristan and usher and chairman of the parish finance council.

Jay is a Delaware native who moved to Colorado in 1981. Jay met Carol in Aspen, where he was Assistant Pitkin County Attorney. They had their daughter Trisha in Sterling, where Jay was City Attorney. Jay was an attorney with the Denver Regional Office of the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission from 1988 till his retirement in May 2008.


Deputy Grand Knight

The deputy grand knight is the second in command in the local council. He is also elected annually, assists the grand knight in the operation of council affairs and is responsible for any duties assigned to him by the grand knight. In the absence of the grand knight, the deputy grand knight presides at council meetings and functions as the grand knight would. The deputy grand knight is a member of the Advisory Board charged with general supervision of a Columbian Squires circle sponsored by his council. It is suggested that the deputy grand knight and the board of trustees serve on the council’s retention committee.


The chancellor is elected annually to serve the council in a variety of ways. Primarily, he assists the grand knight and deputy grand knight in the execution of their duties and takes charge of the council during the incapacity or extended absence of both.


The warden is responsible for supervising and maintaining all council property, except that which belongs to the financial secretary.

He sets up the council chambers for meetings and degrees and appoints and supervises guards for ceremonial exemplifications. The warden should also oversee the inside and outside guards and make sure they are fulfilling the duties assigned to them.


Program Directors